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Dr. Christian Villella

Christian Villella is the creator of Fascial Floss therapy.

Doctor of Physiotherapy and Sports Science, Phd in Osteopathy and university lecturer in Manual Therapy, he speaks English, Italian, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Responsible for Spine Center Italy and Osteopathy-AltoAdige.


Dr. Marta Stancari

Marta Stancari is Manual andIASTM Therapist. 

As Doctor Sports Science and therapist, she runs the Chinesiolab movement and health centre in Crevalcore. She is currently attending the Animal Osteopathy course and collaborates with the Spine Centre in Bolzano. 


Dr. Chirag Verma

Dr. Chirag Verma is a physical therapist and Fascial Floss instructor for Asia. Head of the Academy of Exercise Health and Therapy in Delhi.

He speaks Hindi and English.



PT. Gonzalo Velasquez

Cooming soon

What is Fascial Floss?

Fascial Floss is a compression band therapy

Fascial floss is synonymous with movement and dynamics through therapy and training.

Fascial floss is a systemic application of the flossing bands according to therapeutic principles from osteopathy and physiotherapy in relation to functional and athletic training.


1. Reducing pain

2. Improving mobility of joints, fascia, muscles

3. Improving the smoothness of subcutaneous tissue with the skin by reducing resistance

4. Improve circulation, reduce swelling, improve performance, rehabilitation and regeneration

5. Improve joint function

6. Improve coordination

7. Improve elasticity of muscles, tendons and ligaments

8. Improve psychological impact with performance

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Fascial world


Ho provato la tecnica e mi è sembrato un miracolo, 2 minuti di applicazione e non avevo più fastidio, tutto era scomparso.

Client Since 1995

Ich war ein wenig skeptisch, da ich wusste, dass ein anderer Therapeut bereits etwas Ähnliches ausprobiert hatte, aber die Professionalität und die Erklärungen, die mir vor der Anwendung gegeben wurden, haben mich beruhigt, und auch während und nach der Anwendung fühlte ich mich sofort besser.

Client Since 1995

Los terapeutas de Fascial Floss son simplemente diferentes, no es sólo la técnica, sino también la atención a los detalles lo que le da confianza y tranquilidad. A la primera aplicación me sentí más ligera, a la segunda el síntoma había desaparecido.

Fascial Floss is a simple technique and through an application of skilled hands brings multiple effects. I am a physical therapist and wanted to take the course so that I could offer it to my patients, having tried it as a patient before I was enthusiastic about it.


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