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OPTION A: 1 day course

The 1-day full immersion course in fascial floss requires a basic knowledge of functional bandaging techniques. During the course, the types of applications for the various body districts and the various structural correlations and techniques for applying manual therapy will be explained. In addition, the advantages of using Fascial Floss will be highlighted and some tricks for achieving the desired results in a very short time will be shown.

OPTION B:  2 days courses

Our complete courses are held over two days, starting with a theoretical introduction on fascia and the advantages and disadvantages of fascial floss. In the practical part, we learn basic banding, neurological banding, lymphatic banding and postural correction banding. We also deal with practical cases and simulations of everyday situations during the course. During the fascial floss course, participants are also taught notions and techniques of manual therapy for better results.

OPTION C:  2 days courses

Our new offering takes place over two days, the first day fascial floss. A course with this magical latex bandage, which through optimization creates compression improving vascularity, tissue movement and reorganization of posture.
The second day is instead dedicated to fascial cupping, where through the vacuum effect of the suction cups we are able to achieve fantastic tissue, neurological, as well as mechanical benefits.

Fascial Floss


Fascial Floss


Next course with Dr. Chirag Verma – 26th of MAY 2024 – Jalandhar, Punjab for information  please use contact form. 

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About Fascia

Fascial Therapy

Fascia therapy is an anatomical concept in which the cause of pain and movement restrictions is traced back to specific pathological changes in the fascia / connective tissue.

Fascia is found throughout the human body. This body-wide network maintains structural and functional integrity. In other words, it ensures that the parts of the body are joined together and work together as a whole.

Fascia plays an essential role in hemodynamic, biochemical and trophic processes and provides a matrix for intercellular communication. They have a critical function in the body’s defense against pathogens and are the site of action for the immune response. After injuries, fasciae form the basis for the tissue healing process.