The registry has the function of certifying therapists who have regularly undergone training. Being a fascial floss therapist means having learned the basics and being able to diligently apply elastic band techniques. Attending FascialFloss training not only gives you the basics, but also acquaints you with a variety of applications and especially contraindications. In fact, like any therapy, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages.
Being part of the registry allows you to be informed about new articles, courses or news in the field of fascia and flossing. The registry is affiliated with the European Register of Therapists, to better guarantee our therapists, and above all to protect our status as manual therapists.

Upon completion of the basic course, you are automatically enrolled in the ERT for one year. Fascial Floss courses are conducted only by licensed trainers listed on the website. Should there be any transgressions or misuse of the trademark, the owner reserves the right to exclude the offending individual from the registry, with simple email communication, immediately. Being a FascialFloss therapist allows you to use our trademark, on various communications and advertising. More information on corporate identity, will be forwarded at the conclusion of the training.

Our mission is to study the Fascial and applications of compression bandaging in order to research techniques of use and work, which can promote facilitation for the therapist and improvement in the healing processes of our patients.

We believe that through the use and utilization of techniques and knowledge we can increase well-being and healing in order to improve the quality of life of our patients.

Our values are professionalism, competence and dedication. Through our values, we have structured a path of knowledge and practical application, which enables anyone to achieve our values. During the courses, our values are also transmitted.

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Choosing Fascial Floss means first and foremost that you want to have quality, level-headed training. The teaching material and especially the hands-on training, allows therapists to achieve during training to the competence necessary to apply Fascial Floss in the greatest safety, achieving maximum results without any risk to our patients. Our instructors are trained annually and updated on new techniques in the field of compression bandaging.
Fascial Floss is a sign of quality.


Register of Europe

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